About the Human Condition Series

The Human Condition Series is a practical, research-based response to the human condition, which investigates both its oppressive circumstances and its exceptional capabilities.

Recognizing the call for critical reflection, and trans, inter and multidisciplinary research into the human condition, a group of inspired faculty members representing sociology, psychology, women’s studies, political science, literature and film studies, has founded The Human Condition Series—a title inspired by Hannah Arendt’s classic, The Human Condition.

The Choice of Eros as the 2010 conference theme.

It is in times of catastrophe and fragmentation, that the profound desire for wholeness and interconnectedness is most aroused. This is Eros. With this conference theme, we encourage participants and presenters to seek a deeper understanding of the world’s events through relations of psyches, cultures and ideas, with the hope of facilitating interaction with other sentient beings, in our mutual quest for healing.

If we are able, amidst the suffering we are currently witnessing, to affirm even a single moment, we are, in fact, affirming all existence. We encourage scholarship which, aware of these dark ages, aspires to illuminate the life-preserving impulses that have, so often throughout the ages, been sublimated into war and domination, as well as redeemed by creativity and craft.

Eros can elevate the soaring spirit or reach the depths of sensual passion. It can exist against reason and endure devoid of context, or be fixed in time and space; fully dependent upon intricate circumstances. Eros is fluid and fleeting. It is the desire to create life’s affirming energy. We hope you will join us.

EROS 2010
Nipissing University Muskoka Campus, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada
3rd International, multidisciplinary conference
May 21st & May 22nd, 2010

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